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So you’re trans and you transition and you’re happy and no longer experience dysphoria. Are you still trans then?

What if you’re bigender or agender or non-binary? What if you were trans before you knew and never experienced…

Why not, though? Someone who’s dysphoric and plans to transition to ease that dysphoria… someone who feels that society’s perceptions do not match their gender identity and plans to transition… are they not both transgender?

They are both transgender if you use the word gender to mean two different things. Something biological in the brain for the first, and something social for the second. How does that benefit anyone?

"Trans" has been generally used to talk about dysphoric people, not the people who identify as a different gender for social reasons, as far as I know. And I think that’s what you should mean, because I think that not fitting society’s expectations makes you anything other than the gender you were assigned if you don’t have physical dysphoria. And it’s also more convenient for everyone to keep the word that way.

But who’s to keep you from making “non-dysphoric trans” a thing that people actually identify as? We had the bisexual fad with girls identifying as bi without being attracted to girls. We have lesbian men. Let’s have non-dysphoric trans people too, why not. Let’s make a joke out of a medical condition, let’s make it hard for everyone to explain what they actually are, and let’s confuse the hell out of people who try to understand what being trans is and find a bunch of different conflicting definitions.

Well, it sounds like you’re as defensive about your trans identity as I am, we’re just coming from different directions, but

Being trans yourself (I’m assuming, help me out here…) why would you think that someone who isn’t trans would identify as being trans? Like just for shits and giggles? Is that a thing? How could that ever be a thing?

Sounds like the thing with truscum and them calling other trans people “transtrenders”. x_x

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    Sadly, truscum have always existed as long as trans people had access to medical treatment for transition. I kind of...
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    No, this makes perfect sense. It holds with a lot of things I’ve read and heard from other as well.
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    (i might not be making sense, forgive me and too many all-nighters) I think it’s a psychosocial phenomena where “men”...
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    Which is really unfortunate because for a lot of people who claim to be FtM it’s “girls are icky!!!!1!” syndrome all...
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